7 Facts About Sunny Leone That Will Make You to Respect Her

1) Hatred from Indian community
At the age of 19, she was bullied for her poses in adult magazine ‘Penthouse’. The phase which she looked at very young age was not a small thing.

2) Her relationships in the adult entertainment industry

It’s really surprising that she exclaims it is much more secure to sleep with a person than from stranger you met at the bar.

3) It would be lie if she got to say that her parents were supportive
It was pretty obvious of her parents not to support her for her secret career. But slowly, they accepted of what she was doing and respected her.

4) People equating her as prostitute

Since she has been to India, she got to know that people also treat dult stars somewhere as prostitutes. But, she proved that wrong.

5) Luckily, never faced casting couch

It was her good luck that she has never encountered someone asking for compromise in return for a job. Pivot free adult industry.

6) Her choice behind her name

Karenjit Vohra i.e. Sunny Leone got her on-screen alias from her brother’s nickname which proved to be lucky for her.

7) Never felt ashamed of her work

Whatever success she has gained is all because of her past. So, sunny never felt shy from her past.

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