21 Things That Americans Can Do Easily But Indians & Pakistani Can't

America is the land of desires and countless numbers flock to the nation each yr. Certainly the exodus occurs for extra explanations than one. Well-paying jobs, lucrative careers, high standards of dwelling - you identify it and Uncle Sam has all of it on a platter.  America is far forward of India in the real feel of the phrase. And naturally there are plenty of things which they can try this we can't/don't.
Here are a couple of such things. Learn and reflect.

Here are a few such things. Read and reflect.

1. No longer giving a rattling about PDA
"Oh teri! Woh dekh wahan kya ho raha hai."

2. Greeting strangers
What a creep. I do not even comprehend him.

3. Preserving the door open for others

4. Thanking the waiter, the autowala , the plumber et al

5. No impatient honking
transfer it, move it.

6. Staying unmarried
"28 ki ho gayi hai. Shaadi waadi nahi karni?"

7. Following escalator etiquette
severely? We are supposed to stand in line?

8. Giving a friendly hug to friends of the reverse sex
Arrey... She's only a pal.

9. Throwing trash INTO the dustbin
goal and throw. Overlooked it? No worries.

10. Speakme to kids about intercourse
He in general is aware of it already. Chuck it.

11. Complying with zebra crossing ideas

12. Not judging any person established on career

13. Minding your possess trade

14. Following your passion

15. Giving approach to the ambulance/fire brigade

16. Marrying for love
without the hassles of caste, color, age, creed and generally even gender!

17. Quitting your job only for that street commute

18. No longer staring at women/foreigners

19. Allowing boys in university to grow lengthy hair

20. Not being judgemental about LGBTs

21. Following common movie-corridor etiquettes
The point i'm trying to make is that India generally is a lot better if we take some cue from the West and undertake these qualities. Believe about it.

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